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MagOS: Notion Template for Project Management

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Introducing MagOS v.1.0

The Comprehensive Notion System For Unified Project Workflow

Life in a startup or a team is riddled with tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. By employing the optimal systems, you can focus on what genuinely adds value to your projects.

If you've been grappling with integrating multiple templates from various creators to customize your Notion workflow, your journey ends here. MagOS is your all-in-one Notion template. It integrates all the essential project management and tracking systems you need on a day-to-day basis to save time, boost productivity, and most importantly, foster a sense of tranquility in your team.

The Genesis of MagOS

My name is Max, a project management enthusiast who believes in the power of streamlined processes. Over the years, I've faced the challenge of managing diverse tasks, tracking resources, planning, client management, data handling, project progress tracking, and team coordination.

I experimented with myriad systems to manage my work, but found them wanting. That's when I realized the system had to be flexible, devoid of clutter, and parallel to the project's and team's growth. Thus, MagOS was born, a system built on these principles using the powerful tool - "Notion". It is designed to save time, enhance productivity, and most importantly, promote balance in work.

MagOS transformed my project management approach, untangling my workspace. Now, I wish to share this system with the world.


Project management is often a cacophony of tasks and deadlines. By leveraging the best systems like MagOS, you can concentrate on what truly adds value to your projects and your team.


In the face of endless tasks and deadlines, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters for your projects.


The right processes will yield the right outcomes. MagOS offers a straightforward yet potent system to manage your team's time and resources based on what truly matters for your projects.

MagOS will empower you to:

1) Deepen your understanding of your projects and take tangible actions to improve them.

2) Organize and consolidate your project management processes for greater productivity.

3) Establish continuous improvement processes.

The Power of a Notion System

Your goals will not determine your project outcomes, your systems will. MagOS is a testament to that.

The Philosophy of MagOS

Project management is a tapestry of tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. The more we observe and analyze them, the better our understanding of how to manage them effectively. MagOS is conceptually designed based on these principles, serving as a comprehensive system for your project management needs.

The system is organized into 5 Key Sections:

1) Projects: A dedicated space for all project-related information, goals, and progress tracking.

2) Tasks: A comprehensive task management system integrated with a prioritization matrix based on effort and impact.

3) Resources: A centralized place for all project resources, notes, documents, and financial tracking.

4) Team: A dynamic team management and coordination space for effective collaboration.

5) Review: A section for data analysis, project review, and continuous improvement.


The MagOS package includes the Notion template and all additional components associated with system efficiency and accessibility:

Over 30 Template sections

Numerous Resources

A comprehensive Setup Guide

Who Am I?

Hello there! I'm Max, the founder of a startup, mnd. Our aim is to expand the data input capacity from users to their devices through consumer social products. Besides leading a remote team, I wear multiple hats in virtual engineering, brand development, and UI/UX design.

The journey of managing a completely remote team revealed to me the need for a unified system to manage projects efficiently. That's how MagOS, our tailor-made project management system on Notion, came into being. It's our secret weapon to keep tasks on track and chaos at bay.

The real push to share MagOS came when I saw my brother grappling with his Notion setup. It was disconnected and all over the place, a far cry from the streamlined efficiency that MagOS brought to my team. It was a lightbulb moment - if MagOS could transform my team's workflow, why not share it with other teams and individuals?

Now, I'm excited to share MagOS, a testament to my belief in organized systems and streamlined processes, with startup founders, teams, and anyone navigating project management. If I can bring some order to the beautiful chaos of your projects, then my mission is accomplished. With MagOS, here's to smoother workflows and better project outcomes!

Empowering Creativity, One Task at a Time

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Full MagOS notion template

Comprehensive Structure
Combines all elements of project management, including tasks, notes, scrum boards, stats, and more, in a single platform.
Marie's Matrix Prioritization
Prioritizes tasks based on a unique algorithm that considers the task's estimated effort and potential impact, providing a priority score.
Interconnected Ecosystem
The template houses an array of related databases, such as projects, tasks, notes, users, roles, finance, and ideas, that all interlink to create a cohesive work environment.
User-Friendly Interface
The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth user experience.
Customizable System
Allows users to customize the system to fit their individual or team's needs, making it flexible and adaptable.
Efficient Workflow
Streamlines the project management process, enabling users to work more effectively and productively.
Multi-User Collaboration
Supports collaboration among team members, making it easier to share, update, and track tasks.
Secure Environment
Offers a secure platform for managing projects, protecting your data and project information.
Resource Management
Assists in managing resources, both human and material, more effectively.
Financial Planning
Incorporates a financial planning feature, facilitating budget tracking and cost management.
Scrum and Kanban Support
Includes features that support Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, making it ideal for software development projects.
Real-Time Update
Provides real-time updates and notifications, keeping you informed about task progress and changes.

MagOS: Notion Template for Project Management

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